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About us


Fiscal, Countable, Labour, Financial

Our values

SUMA SERVICES CONSULTING has been established by a multidisciplinary team of experts from various spheres of activity; they have been working for more than 15 years in enterprise consulting service, which is directed to smes.

Our mission

Our organization is based on the principle of functional synergism, which contributes to the operative kernel of the unity and to a wide range of professionals and experts (internal ones and external collaborators), which is extended over the totality of fields, related to the business world, in the sphere of management and arrangement.

Why to opt for SUMA?

We are sure, that business consulting in all spheres should be realized on the principle of global knowledge about an enterprise as well as about collateral persons. It is the reason, to be our activities always premised by personal meetings and gatherings in an enterprise; this way, we make our consulting as exact as possible.


The potential of our Human Team is based on direct and personalized attention to our clients. You will be able to communicate immediately to any consultant you need, at any moment. You will feel having a Legal Administrative Department within your own enterprise,

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Get familiarized with our team

  • Especialista contable, fiscal y financiero. Miembro de AECE

    Eduardo Díaz
  • Oficial Contable y Fiscal

    Ana Bolena Otero
    Área Fiscal y Mercantil
  • Administrativa Laboral y Contable

    Sandra Fernández
    Área Laboral y Contabilidad
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